Xmas Diva

This is what we will be making

For this tutorial your going to need

Paint Shop Pro


A Tube of your Choice

My tile

just right click and save to your own hard drive

Font i used is Saint Petersburg you can find it here

if your new to paint shop pro this Screen Shot of the tools will come in handy ..just right click on it and save to your own hard drive

you will also notice i have a lot of words underlined they are links to more screen shots to help you :o)

ok are we ready to get started :o)

open up your psp and open a new workspace about 600 by 600 we can always resize later

set your stroke to null, any colour for the fill will do as we will be changing it

grab your text tool from the taskbar and click in your workspace and use these settings see pic below

you will now have something that resembles this picture, see pic below

the arrows i put in are pointing to liitle boxes if you place your cursor over these boxes you will notice you get a double arrow, now click on the box but don’t let go! keep holding and drag your text out, you can repeat this procedure for the boxes at the top and bottom until you get the desired height and width you like

after you have done that go up to layers on taskbar and scroll down to convert to raster layer and click

open up the striped tile background i supplied and minimize it for now

go up to selections and scroll down to select all and click then go back up to selections and click on float

now go up to selections on taskbar scroll down to modify then across to expand and click…another box will appear..put 3 in the box

now fill the text with red the one i choose was #C70E13 then go back up to selections and down to modify but this time go across to contract and put 1 in the box

now go over to your colour palette and click on your pattern now click inside the pattern fill box and another box will appear… as you can see from that pic the red arrow is pointing to a black arrow.. click on that and it will open up all the patterns you have, scroll to the top of the patterns and there you should see the striped tile pattern i supplied, now click on it then use the same settings as the pic above

now grab your flood fill and right click inside the floating text, your text should now be filled with the striped tile pattern :o)

now we want to apply a inner bevel go to effects scroll down to plugin filters then across to eyecandy3 and click on inner bevel apply these settings see pic below

now we want to go to eyecandy again only this time click on dropshadow instead of inner bevel with these settings see pic below

now open the tube and press shift and the letter d to make another copy and close the original, delete the watermark layer

now go to edit and copy and go back to the workspace with your name on it and right click inside it and click paste as new layer

resize your tube by 80% see my settings here

now arrange your name and tube where you would like them to be apply eyecandy dropshadow to the tube, same settings as before, you might have to re-adjust your tube again

grab your presets shape tool so we can draw a star with these settings, make sure your stroke is set at null, for your background colour you could either use the striped tile or a solid colour its entirely up to you, now draw your star,

go to layers on taskbar and scroll down to convert to raster layer and click

apply the same eyecandy inner bevel then the same eyecandy dropshadow

you can now eitheir draw a cirle to hang your star with your pencil draw or you can use preset shapes again, i have tried both but must admit using preset shapes is easier :o)

grab your preset shapes again only this time select elipse with the same settings as before only this time i set background at null and stroke set to solid colour i choose red, when your drawing your circle don’t draw a full one see pic below

go to layers on taskbar and scroll down to convert to raster layer and click

add a dropshadow to your circle then hang it over a letter of your name like so

now we want to erase some of the circle so it looks like it wrapped over the text, so grab your eraser tool making sure the size is set to 1, you might need to zoom in a bit so you can see better, see pic below

now move your star up so it looks like its hanging from the circle,

now merge visible and resize if you wish, at this point you could take it into animation shop and save as a gif file, as you can see from my preview on the first page saving it as a jpeg distorts the colour a bit.

now sit back and admire your new tag :o)

thank you for doing my tut i hope you enjoyed it

if you have any questions please contact me using the contact form at the top of the blog and i will get back to you as soon as i can 🙂

The artwork used in this tutorial is ©Rion Vernon who now is a part of the G.I.L.D, please respect the artists terms and apply the relevant © information and your license number on your finished tag :o) , this tutorial was thought of 10/10/04 and written on 13/10/04, to see more of Rions beautiful artwork you can go to his site at www.pinuptoons.com

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