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Countdown to Christmas

Halloween is over and guy fox night is just around the corner with Christmas biting at its heels eek.. guy fox night i’m not worried about as my dad has bought the boys a big box of fireworks and since my partner will be working away, its left to me to set them off, double eek, as much as i like them i’m a big scardy cat, i will need to talk nice to one of my neighbours i think lol

Now Christmas is another matter, i don’t know about you but my boys have their lists all ready written

and no doubt they will probably add to it as well, my oldest wants a playstation 3 and a psp and of course all the games to go with them

playstation-3 psp

my middle son wants a psp too plus the games and various cars (toy ones my i add lol) his list is quite short just now so no doubt he will add more

my youngest son wants a laptop, a wii fit board, games, celtic tracksuit and tops oh and a psp as well

lt now i know looking at those lists there’s no way hosey i can afford all of that unless i win the lottery lol, so i’m going to have to sit down once again and talk to them and give them a limit of how much they can have and hope it sinks in, saying that the adverts on the tv don’t help nor do the local papers, everywhere you look theirs toys or some new console or gadget, and to be honest i think we ourselves as parents are our own worst enemy as we don’t want to disappoint them so we go out and get ourselves into debt just to keep them happy, or so we think sometimes its to stop us feeling guilty so our children won’t feel as they are been left out, as we all know our children will come home and say his friend has this and that so we feel we have to go and get it, i hope this makes sense as i’m not sure if i have worded this right, all i know now is the pressure is on and i’m running

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