Our Favourite Sites

Since it’s coming up for Christmas and we will be spending all that we have and maybe more, I thought these sites would be appropriate to share 🙂 Has anyone heard of Cashback Kings?  I didn’t up until 6 months ago when i seen Martin Lewis on GMTV (money saving expert)talk about it and how you could earn while you shop, as I’m a curious person as well as wanting to earn while i spend, i popped over to the site to see for myself and believe me i wasn’t disappointed, i opened an account and now i earn money while i spend, it’s especially great at Christmas time as you will be spending quite a bit.

Go over and have a look for yourself, you can find Cashback Kings Here and this is not spam honest, if your still not sure Google it and you will see loads of people talking about it, and the good news is there’s more than one cash back site to pick from in fact there’s quite a few, although we will be skinning ourselves at this time of year, we will also be saving too, what more could you ask for, happy shopping 🙂

The second site I would like to share is Martin lewis the money saving expert the same man i mentioned above, this site is a great wealth of knowledge from cashback sites, Banking saving, Cheap Mortgage Finding, Use the ‘broker plus’ technique to slash costs ,Childcare Costs, Boost your childcare budget by £1,000s, benefits checkup, 5 mins to get what you’re entitled to, and this is just a few there’s loads and loads more, you can find money saving expert Here

have a great day, signing off …………

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