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Christmas Wreath Tutorial

By Ex

The way we make our Xmas Wreaths has been handed down through the family for years.

Firstly you will need a strong stiff wire to make the ring a wire coat hanger is perfect.
We always use hay to make the form but you can use straw or sphagnum moss.
You will also need Florist’s tying wire (or fuse wire or even a good strong fishing line) to keep everything in place and a pair of pliers/snips to cut the wire.
First make a ring with the strong wire and twist the ends tightly together so that they do not come undone, the size of this ring will determine the size of the wreath.
Fasten one end of the reel wire to the ring and in one hand, take a handful of hay and hold it to the wire frame where you wish the hay placed. With the other hand (or another person) wrap the wire around the hay to secure it in place.


Continue to layer the hay all around the wire frame until the wreath is the thickness you desire. Always keeping the wire taut.
Now if you want you can trim the hay – give it a haircut- so it is neat, trim and presentable.


Mine never look as neat as this just remember the foliage will hide a lot of it.
If you are using the moss then you do exactly the same really, just tease out the moss and the wrap fistfuls at a time around the wire attaching it in the same way, until you have the size / thickness you want. Remember if you make a form with moss you will need to make sure the moss doesn’t dry out.
Now you need your foliage, its up to you what greenery you use, we always use Holly, another traditional one is Laurel, but you could use anything you want really so long as it is evergreen and long lasting such as Conifer.
Lay the prepared holly on the top of the form adding one piece at a time and securing each with a single wrap of wire. Overlap the holly to ensure no hay is visible. Work round the ring until it is covered with holly.


Moss Form at start of adding foliage.
The final decorations are up to you now, you can literally add whatever you want using a glue gun
Just a quick thought you can sometimes but the forms already made, and another type of form that you can but is the oasis one which you  just push the foliage into but I have to admit I prefer the old traditional ways


Gardening Spot ~ 3

Well so much for me assembling the portable greenhouses, i had a few visitors over the weekend last including my brother who had obviously been in the pub for too long lol, and the rest of my time was taken up my my three lively boys 🙂

Last week was a busy week for me too, i had written in my last gardening post about helping at the eco and health day at my sons school, i also helped down at another school who where getting shut down and they where getting relocated to a new one not far from they they where, so all the plants had trees had to be uprooted and taken up to their new school and to their plot they have near by.

school Image019

this is just a small part of their garden these pictures don’t do it justice

I’m just hoping the trees and grasses  survive the move, plus since it was mid term here for the children we didn’t have time to replant them,

most of the roots where covered though so they don’t get damaged and our weather hasn’t been that bad except for rain which is good for them.

only time will tell but my fingers are crossed tightly :-).

Some of the girls in the forum have also been busy with their gardens below are some beautiful pictures of their hard labour 🙂

P1010006002 joilstomaoplants jolisgarden

signing off for now hopefully i will have done a bit more next week, have a nice weekend 🙂

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