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Although I’m not quite new to blogging i haven’t been as consistent as i would have liked to have been, but hopefully now that we have a few writers on board our blog will be brimming with articles covering a wide range of subjects including gardening, which brings me to the subject at hand, as far as gardening is concerned I’m a total beginner so please forgive my lack of gardening terms , hopefully i will pick up things as i go along and you can always correct me or give me hints and tips as well which would be very helpful and always welcome. 🙂

The reason i first became interested in gardening was when i went to a plant sale at my children’s school a few months back and had a tour around all the beds the children had being working hard on. I knew there and then i wanted to help so I volunteered, but as it was nearing the end of term i wouldn’t hear back for a while. so in the mean time I decided to buy myself a rose tree in a planter to make my balcony look nice then a few conifers, my hubby put up some brackets for my hanging baskets which I had purchased at the plant sale, then i bought a trough and planted some rocket, spring onions and herbs. I wanted to learn but start at the bottom and work my way up, well truth be told they where the easiest to start with hehe, I’m quite surprised at myself I didn’t think I would be able to do it but it worked, my spring onions are quite small though but still taste nice and I should have picked my rocket a long time ago but my herbs are a treat.

I realise now i have to be more organised and plan ahead with the gardening if i want it to work so watch this space 🙂

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