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Getting in the festive mood

Ex and Chip have been getting in the festive mood

and have been making some Christmas signatures from tutorials

and making their own from their own creativity 🙂

click on the images too see the full effect

Twas the Night Before Xmas


The True Gift of Christmas


Happy Holidays


Here Comes Santa



My xmas diva tut

my xmas diva tut was scheduled to be posted today but i have just realised i

can’t find the tut supplies so i will have a look through all my back up dvds to see if the are on it.

if all else fails i will remake the supplies and post it on the 16th 🙂

the top picture is a sneak preview of the tutorial 🙂


Chip’s vexels

chip aka Elaine is one of our members at the forum who is an avid psp (paintshop pro) fan

she has being doing psp now for many years and has came a long way since she started. she regularly makes signatures for other members and is always there to give fellow members a hand, 🙂 you can normally see chip on the paintshop pro board posting her new creations for us all to see and setting up challenges for all the other girls to try, chip recently started doing vexels and i can’t believe how far she has come they are outstandingly beautiful as you can judge for yourself s, here’s a few examples of her work…note i have reduced the sizes of them and added a white background.

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Front Cover

The tutorials on this site are © to me Janice aka LoopyJan at LJ’S Signatures, in no terms have they to be posted anywhere else, copied, translated, scripted or put in e-mails and claimed as your own.. in other words they have not to be removed in no way shape or form from this site full stop! if you would like someone to try one of my tutorials please use a text link to my homepage which is . In most of my tutorials if not all i use various artists images some i have permission to use and some i have paid a liscence for usage, under no circumstances would i claim or would claim © to these images i have used in my tutorials, they are soley © to the artists themselfs

Preview of what we will be making :o)

For this tutorial you will need

Paintshop Pro Here

Ulead Gif-X 2.0

Tube of your choice or you can use mine here

a favorite poem, saying or psp brush

This tut is fairly easy and very quick honest 🙂

ok lets get started :o)

open your tube or the one i supplied in psp, you might want to resize mine a fair bit as it’s quite large

go up to layers on the top taskbar and click on new raster layer then floodfill your layer with white, then go back up to layers and click on arrange then across to send to bottom,

make sure your tube layer is highlighted before we apply the dropshadow etheir using my settings or your own…effects- -3d effect then across to dropshadow, the settings i used are

i added a short poem, my name and a border of 5 the colour i used was #FDD2DB, now you need to promote this layer for the gif-x plugin to work…….layers…promote to layer

now we can apply the plugin …effects ..plugins…ulead effects..GIF-X 2.0 , click on open book and use the factory settings or you can playaround with the settings until you get something you like

once your happy click on save then name your signature and voila you are done :o)

a wee tip: you might want to take it into animation shop to cut off some of the extra space around it but be careful you dont take the tops of the moving pages,

thank you for doing my tut i hope you enjoyed doing it as much as as i did at writing it :o) if you have any questions you can contact me using the contact form at the top of the blog,  and i will get back to you asap :o)

tut ©LoopyJan please do not remove

written on 25/05/05

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