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Our Lives on Photos ~Pets~

The girls at the forum have being sharing their photos of their beloved pets and have agreed to have them posted on the blog, thanks girls 🙂

and of course i couldn’t resist putting a wee caption on them lol.

First up is Sammy Janets beautiful dog Sammy


And now for my mischievous cat Jade


will post more next week, have a nice day 🙂



The tutorials on this site are © to me Janice aka LoopyJan at LJ’S Signatures, in no terms have they to be posted anywhere else, copied, translated, scripted or put in e-mails and claimed as your own.. in other words they have not to be removed in no way shape or form from this site full stop! if you would like someone to try one of my tutorials please use a text link to my homepage which is . In most of my tutorials if not all i use various artists images some i have permission to use and some i have paid a liscence for usage, under no circumstances would i claim or would claim © to these images i have used in my tutorials, they are soley © to the artists themselfs

For this tutorial you are going to need

Paintshop Pro

My Supplies

Fonts i used are Bittersweet you can find it here

and signature you can find here

lyrics or a favourite poem

this is my first attempt at writing a blend tut, i hope you enjoy doing it as much as i did at creating it :o) ok lets get started

open up the pictures i supplied in psp minimize the picture named ring for now we will come back to it later, we will be working with the picture named ana11

resize your ana picture by 65% or a size you feel most comfortable with, add a new layer, now go up to your toolbar and grab your selection tool with these settings see pic below

i selected from one side of the picture to the other making sure her eyes and nose was inside the selection, see pic below

now floodfill your selection with the colour white and select none, lower the opacity level to 37 or to whichever you prefer, in my picture i added another layer and selected the top half of her head and filled with white and lowered the opacity level away down so its just slight, you can merge visible at this point or leave it until we are finished,

make sure your on the bottom layer if you haven’t merged and grab your selection tool again with the same settings as before

select a little rectangle at the left hand side of your picture, see my main picture for reference, (please make sure you have it where you want it because when you promote the layer it takes the background with it.. so its not advisable to move it around after you have done it)

once you have selected your rectangle go to effects..texture effects and across to blinds with these settings or your own:o)

go up to selections and scroll down to promote layer and click then click on select none, repeat these steps again for your second rectangle but make sure your on the background layer as it won’t work

Add a new Layer for your text, choose Bittersweet font and only put your first initial of your name in size 48 apply a dropshadow of your choice then add another layer and this time choose signature font and type in the rest of your name making sure your first initial is not there i used quite a small size so it would fit in the top. left hand side of the picture and apply a dopshadow, rearrange your name so its sitting ok :o)

add a new layer and put in some lyrics or a favourite poem i used the font signature here again using small lettering, when you have done that i lowered my opacity level down to 48 then i rotated my text by 90 degrees and placed it on the side of her face

now grab the ring pic i supplied and copy and paste it on to your main picture, i duplicated this layer twice and placed them to the right side of the picture, see my main pic for reference, i added my initials to the bottom left hand side of the picture and lowered the opacity so it was just visible,

merge your layers and save your tag and thats it sit back and admire your new tag:o) if you have any question you can e-mail me here and i will get back to you as soon as i can

Thank you for trying my tut :o)

this tutorial was thought of 13/11/04 and written on 14/11/04,

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