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The tutorials on this site are © to me Janice aka LoopyJan at LJ’S Signatures, in no terms have they to be posted anywhere else, copied, translated, scripted or put in e-mails and claimed as your own.. in other words they have not to be removed in no way shape or form from this site full stop! if you would like someone to try one of my tutorials please use a text link to my homepage which is . In most of my tutorials if not all i use various artists images some i have permission to use and some i have paid a liscence for usage, under no circumstances would i claim or would claim © to these images i have used in my tutorials, they are soley © to the artists themselves

i created this tag in dreamsuite bonus but wanted to recreate it using basic tools in paint shop pro so you wouldn’t be limited to one background

This is the one i made in Dreamsuite

This is the One i recreated and will be making in this tut

For this tutorial your going to need

Paint Shop Pro

My Supplies

Font i used is 911 Porscha (3rd one down)

No filters needed :o)

Thanks to Monica for giving permission to use her template :o) please keep monicas filename intact

i have added a lot of screenshots for anyone thats new to psp, you will notice alot of the words are underlined they are linked to the screenshots for you i hope this helps :o)

ok lets get started:o)

Open the template and the frame tubes in psp, minimize your template we will come back to that in a minute

go to your frame tube and make sure your on the frame layer, if your layer palette isn’t showing go to a empty space on the top taskbar and right click, a box will appear.. click on layer palette

now grab your magic wand with these settings see pic below

Now we want to start clicking inside of all the frames while holding down the shift key (being carefull not to select the frame itself) until it looks something like this see pic below

Now go up to Selections and scroll down to modify then across to expand and click.. another box will appear put 2 in the box , now add a new raster layer

minimize your frames and go to your template, press your shift key and the letter D on your keyboard which will give you another copy of your template…close the original

make sure the watermark layer is highlighted on your layer palette, right click on the watermark layer on your layer palette and another box will appear click on delete

now go up to edit on your taskbar and scroll down to copy and click

go back to your frames, right click inside the frames and click on paste into selection or go up to edit scroll down to paste then across to into selection now deslect your fames

we want to move this layer down one so it sits under your frame layer

make sure your on layer 2 then go up to effects and scroll down to enhance photo then across to Automatic Contrast Enhancement with these settings

now click on the glasses on your background layer then highlight your frame layer on the layer palette and right click on it and merge visible

now add a drop shadow with these settings or your preferred settings(effects scroll down to 3d effects then across to dropshadow)

i selected inside of all the frames with my lasso tool and used automatic saturation enhancement with settings of Bias normal and strength weak to make it a bit more colourfull as the dropshadow dulls it a bit but its totally optional :o)

now un x out your background layer so its showing

add a new layer for your text with these settings

apply a dropshadow with these settings

now Deselect your text. you can now merge your layers visible at this point or add the pink strip i supplied by going up to edit then scroll down to copy and click… then go to your template and right click inside it and click paste as a new layer and move it down under your text then mergle visible and save your tag as a jpeg file

now sit back and admire your new tag 🙂

i hope you enjoyed doing this tutorial if you have any questions or need any help you can contact me using the contact form at the top of the blog and i will get back to you as soon as i can :o)

This tutorial is © to me LoopyJan it was written on the 01/10/2004

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