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Gardening Spot ~ 3

Well so much for me assembling the portable greenhouses, i had a few visitors over the weekend last including my brother who had obviously been in the pub for too long lol, and the rest of my time was taken up my my three lively boys 🙂

Last week was a busy week for me too, i had written in my last gardening post about helping at the eco and health day at my sons school, i also helped down at another school who where getting shut down and they where getting relocated to a new one not far from they they where, so all the plants had trees had to be uprooted and taken up to their new school and to their plot they have near by.

school Image019

this is just a small part of their garden these pictures don’t do it justice

I’m just hoping the trees and grasses  survive the move, plus since it was mid term here for the children we didn’t have time to replant them,

most of the roots where covered though so they don’t get damaged and our weather hasn’t been that bad except for rain which is good for them.

only time will tell but my fingers are crossed tightly :-).

Some of the girls in the forum have also been busy with their gardens below are some beautiful pictures of their hard labour 🙂

P1010006002 joilstomaoplants jolisgarden

signing off for now hopefully i will have done a bit more next week, have a nice weekend 🙂


Gardening Spot~2

The voluntary work as a gardener with the schools has really taken off, i have been so busy the last few weeks i have neglected my own plants,

someone has taken it upon themselves to water my conifers in my front balcony that the poor thing got so waterlogged it eventually died.

to be honest its my own fault i kept saying i will fix it later on and I’m afraid later on never came 😦 , my lesson now learned i went about

making sure my other plants where ok. When that was done and dusted  I  prepared the soil in the troughs for the winter onions and garlic,

I’m beginning to think I’m going to need more troughs. I also purchased 2 portable greenhouse’s from Woolworth a few weeks back they where

in the sale for £2 each,  I couldn’t resist at that price so i got one for myself and 1 for my boys school that i garden at, although i haven’t

got around to building them yet but they are on my to do list for this weekend so i will see how i get on.

hardwood cuttings hardwood cutings2

My sons school had a health and eco week this week and on Wednesday they had stalls with information on these topics

along with the fire brigade which the children always enjoy because they get to look around the fire engines :).

The nursery had a stall which is the one i helped out on along with another 2 parents, we where selling the nursery children’s

first crop of vegetables which included potatoes, beetroot, lettuce, red onions and of course some of the seed pots that

the children sowed on Monday. The stall made £55 at the end of the morning with some vegetables left over but i was informed

the teachers would buy the rest bringing the total up higher. here was also someone from the bio diversity there who was showing

the children how to do hardwood cuttings, i managed to get one and my sons came home with one each so now i have 4 🙂

sorry i can’t remember the name of the cutting just now all i remember is it produces a beautiful purple flower. The nursery

teacher also gave us some ox-eye daisy and red campion seed pots for helping out so i can’t wait too see them in bloom next year

as they are beautiful wild flowers.

Ox-eye Daisy red_campion

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Gardening Spot

Although I’m not quite new to blogging i haven’t been as consistent as i would have liked to have been, but hopefully now that we have a few writers on board our blog will be brimming with articles covering a wide range of subjects including gardening, which brings me to the subject at hand, as far as gardening is concerned I’m a total beginner so please forgive my lack of gardening terms , hopefully i will pick up things as i go along and you can always correct me or give me hints and tips as well which would be very helpful and always welcome. 🙂

The reason i first became interested in gardening was when i went to a plant sale at my children’s school a few months back and had a tour around all the beds the children had being working hard on. I knew there and then i wanted to help so I volunteered, but as it was nearing the end of term i wouldn’t hear back for a while. so in the mean time I decided to buy myself a rose tree in a planter to make my balcony look nice then a few conifers, my hubby put up some brackets for my hanging baskets which I had purchased at the plant sale, then i bought a trough and planted some rocket, spring onions and herbs. I wanted to learn but start at the bottom and work my way up, well truth be told they where the easiest to start with hehe, I’m quite surprised at myself I didn’t think I would be able to do it but it worked, my spring onions are quite small though but still taste nice and I should have picked my rocket a long time ago but my herbs are a treat.

I realise now i have to be more organised and plan ahead with the gardening if i want it to work so watch this space 🙂

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